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Instructions for creating a book about The Grandeur of Viceregal Mexico Exhibit

    1. Print the book page of your choice on your computer at the highest quality that your printer can print.  Book 1 can be printed on letter size paper. Book 2 requires legal size paper.
    2. After printing, cut around the outside edges of the book.
    3. Follow the folding instructions on this sheet to complete your book.

      Book One: My Trip to the Grandeur of Viceregal Mexico Exhibit
      Book Two: The Franz Mayer Alphabet Book

Instructions for folding the book

1. Start with the booklet form you have printed. 2. Fold in half the short way. 3. Fold back one edge to the middle fold. 4. Fold back the other edge to the middle fold. 5. After unfolding
the sheet, fold lengthwise.

6. Refold the short way. Cut along the line marked in bold through both layers of paper. 7. Refold lengthwise.  Holding each end, push to the middle. 8. Push all the way in until the centers meet. 9. Fold the left edge over to create the cover. 10. Now you have made a small book.


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