Portrait Crossword Puzzle

This Portrait of a Lady was painted by MIGUEL DE HERRARA in oil on canvas and is from the Granduer of Viceregal Mexico Exhibition showing at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. To learn more about this portrait, visit the Portraiture in the European Colonies page of this website.

Study the portrait carefully to complete this crossword puzzle.

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Possible Answers
2 Darkest color of feathers
3 Object held in right hand
5 Type of fabric at end of sleeves
8 Ten shiny ornaments found here
9 Feather color repeats in band on sleeves
10 Only one feather of this color
13 Background color
14 Brightest areas in face
16 Edge of lace creates _____lines
1 Texture of hair
4 Lace forms v-shape here
6 Blue on sleeves forms a ______line
7 Number of white feathers
11 Shape of jewelry at wrist and waist
12 Type of lines shown in red on dress
13 Descriptive word for lace texture
15 Texture of face
Objects: feathers, lace, jewelry, fan, hair, face, neckline
curved, straight, wavy, thin, scalloped, zigzag
round, square, triangular, oval
smooth, soft, bumpy, hard, fluffy, rough
light, dark, bright, shade, highlight, shadow
red, blue, white, black, yellow