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Paper mache' container

  • Choose something in your life that you would like to have a container for.
  • Choose a special wish and make a container for it - what would represent that wish.
  • It has to have an opening somewhere.
  • Draw the side of the container on an 8 ½ by 11 piece of paper. The paper can be tall or wide. The vase picture must touch all sides of the paper somewhere.
  • The vase has to have 3 or more things that represent the PURPOSE or the WISH in some way. This can be shape, color, patterns, words, pictures, things glued on the outside, or anything. Students get to decide what has meaning for them.
  • The container has to sit up on its own.
  • It's okay to borrow from any of the artwork viewed
  • After making and painting the vessel, students write a paragraph that describes why they chose their PURPOSE or WISH, and why they picked the things that they used to describe it.
  • Teacher takes digital photographs of each container, combines them in a Word document, and publishes a class "Book of ______Ware." Students can participate in naming the "volume."

Minerals and pigments