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Visual Arts Lesson: Virgin of Guadalupe

Painting symbols of your culture


•Knowledge and skills. Complete TEKS for 6th grade art.

1. Perception: a. and b.
2. Creative expression/performance: a.and c.
3. Historical cultural heritage: a. and b.
4. Response/evaluation: a. and b.


•The students will tell the story of this image and its historical role and significance as a symbol for Mexicans in the past and the present.
•The students will research the artist Agustin del Pino and his use of pre-Hispanice lacquering technique in creating this piece. They will research the Asian influence on indigenous artists in the use of inlaid mother-of-pearl
•The students will describe and analyze this painting to determine use of color, line, value, and texture center of interest, balance, and repetition.

Introducing the
Work of Art


Large Image

•While viewing a large image of this painting, students will discuss the history of this image and its role in the past and current culture in Mexico and in areas of this country with large Mexican-American populations.
•The students will list the symbols portrayed in this work of art and explain their significance.
•Students will describe the use of art elements (color, line, shape, value and texture) and principles (center of interest, balance, and repetition). Discuss what organizing principles the artist used to create the sense that this figure is important and one to be venerated.
•Students will analyze the techniques used in creating this work of art. If possible objects that show inlaid mother -of-pearl should be brought into the room for students to examine.

Art Activity

•The students will look for significant symbols in their own culture. They might research this by discussion with parents, grandparents, leaders in thier own community.
•The students will select some symbols of their culture to portray in a painting. The page should be organized to illustrate the significance of the symbols. As a final step students will create black frames for their paintings and decorate these with relevant details. Shiny gift paper might be used on the border to simulate the effect of the mother-of-pearl border on this work of art.
•Students will write essays on the sigificance of the symbols they have depicted to display in the room with the paintings.


•The students will explain their works to the class, describing the signicance of the symbols and how they chose to represent them to show this significance.
•The finished pieces should represent important symbols from the student's cultural background and should be organized to illustrate use of the prinicples of art to express the signicance of the symbols. See assessment matrix.

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