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Creating a Digital Self Portrait

1. Students will use a digital camera to take a photo of him/herself wearing a costume of their choice in front of a blue screen or any solid color wall.

They may ask another student to take the photo if necessary.

Costumes may not be what is traditionally considered a costume. A costume is something that is not what students usually wear to school

2. Then, students will create a setting to serve as the background of their portrait.The setting can be an image from the Internet (copyright free, of course), a CD-ROM or from a photo taken with the digital camera. Students could also scan in a photo that they already have.

3. Students will use a graphics software program like Photoshop to merge their self-image with the image of the setting.

Students could comment on their choice of setting and costume. The digital self-portrait should be carefully constructed to appear as one image, not a combination of several images.