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Visual Arts Lesson: Wardrobe

Creating a kaleidoscope

Relevant TEKS

•Knowledge and skills. Complete TEKS for 6th grade art.

1. Perception: b.
2. Creative expression/performance: c.
3. Historical cultural heritage: b.

Lesson Objectives

•The students will be able to didentify symmetrical balance and define symmetrical balance.

•The students will create their own artwowrk with symmetrical balance.

•The students will create a kaleidoscope pattern in the style of the inlaid wood of the wardrobe.

Introducing the
Work of Art


Large Image

•Have students view an image of the wardrobe. Discuss how people of New Spain kept their belongins in boxes and trunks.

•Discuss how the inlaid wood covers the entire surface of the doors.

Art Activity

sullfite paper
construction paper

•Talk with students about balance. Discuss formal balance/symmetry with them. Have students give examples of thaings that have symmetry (face, butterflies, etc.). Discuss how to make a symmetrical pattern. Show examples of symmetrical patterns

•Talk about kaleidoscopes with students and ask them if they have every looked in one. Telll students that kaleidoscopes have symmetrical balance.

•Students will use a ruler on an 8 by 8 piece of sulfite paper to create a symmetrical pattern.

•then using 2 different colors of construction paper, the students will cut the paper to fit the pattern. Then they will glue the sahpes on to the sulfite paper. Be sure that the colors alternate or the symmetrical pattern will be lost.


•Each kaleidoscope should be two colors in a symmetrical pattern. Once the class is done, the square can be placed together on the door of the classroom to mimic the wardrobe doors. See assessment matrix.

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