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Bargueño (Writing Desk)

Larger image of the desk:

Students have observed and discussed early Spanish influences, and Greek (Neoclassical) influences upon furniture design and surface decoration.

With the students, discuss the shape, use, surfaces of the Bargueño, and what their individual influences might have been.

  • This desk has lots of carving - look for a rich history of carved, ornamented surfaces on ancient Mexican sculpture, objects, and architecture. Each example adds up to a bountiful influence of curves and carvings onto all types of objects.
  • Discuss what is found at:
  • How are the ancient sculptures and the desk similar?
  • Do you see Spanish influences? What do we remember from the Spanish? Do we see it here?
  • What were things that furniture borrowed from the Greeks? Do we see any of them on this piece?
  • Which influence do you think is the strongest?