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Glossary of Art Terms:
Selected terms used in describing the works of art in the Franz Mayer Collection or in the 16 art lessons that are presented in this program.

A Azul Punche Puebla candy that is blue in color made for the celebration of the Day of the Dead. This color was used in Talavera pottery.
B Bargueños Spanish drop-front writing desk.
Baroque A style of art and architecture which flourished c. 1550-1750 characterized by much ornamentation and curved rather than straight lines.
Bas-relief Sculpture Low relief sculpture in which the figures are raised above the surrounding surface.
C Conquistadors Spanish conquerors of Mexico, Peru, or other parts of America in 16th century.
E Embossed To raise or form a design above the surrounding surface.
Estofado Technique by which the entire figure is gilded, over-painted, and then engraved to reveal the underlying gold leaf.
F Fluting A decoration consisting of long, rounded grooves, as in a column.
Foliar Like a leaf or leaves; to decorate with leaf-like layers or ornamentation
L Lacquer Coating substance consisting of resinous materials to give a smooth, polished finish to wood.
M Marquetry Decorative inlaid work of wood, ivory, metal, etc., used in furniture and flooring.
Mosaic Designs and patterns created by inlaying small bits of materials (stone, glass, etc. )n mortar or other cohesive agents.
Mudejar Decorative style combining European and Islamic motifs.
N Neoclassical A revival of classical style and form in art, literature, architecture, etc.
P Pompeian Urns

Urns from Roman homes found when exploring the ruins of Pompeii which had been buried by volcanic dust until the 1700's

S Symmetrical Exact correspondence of opposite sides
T Talavera A type of pottery made in Puebla during the Viceregal Period

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