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Visual Arts Lesson: Wardrobe

Constructing a wardrobe

Relevant TEKS

•Knowledge and skills. Complete TEKS for 6th grade art.

1. Perception: a.
2. Creative expression/performance: a.and c.
3. Historical cultural heritage: b.
4. Response/evaluation: b.

Lesson Objectives

•Students will compare and contrast storage spaces of today and long ago.

•Students will explain how pieces of furniture used in people's homes tell us about how they live.

•Students will work cooperatively in pairs to build a contemporary wardrobe that fits their own personal needs.

Introducing the
Work of Art


Large Image

•Have students study the wardrobe paying attention to rhomboid shapes in light and dark wood on the front and the leaf motif on the frieze. Explain that this piece is patterned after the ancient style of Greece and Rome. (Simple geometric shapes on doors and leaf motif on frieze.)

•Discuss how this piece is functional and yet a decorative piece of art.

•Discuss the reasons why people used wardrobes (to store clothing). Reason why wardrobes are no longer a necessity for clothing. In what other ways do we use "wardrobe like" shaped furniture in modern times for storage (entertainment centers, computers, etc.)?

•Have students calculate the height, width, and depth of the wardrobe.

•Have students determine if this space would be suitable for their needs.

Art Activity

Three 45 minute lessons

poster board

Day 1
•Students will work in pairs and sketch their ideal wardrobe. Have students tell what their wardrobe would be used for. What compartments would it have? What materials would it be made of? What size would it be and where would it be in their house?

Day 2
•Have students construct the front doors of their wardrobe from poster board, making sure they fit the front of the shoebox. Sketch geometric designs of their choice on front of doors; add Greek and Roman motifs on frieze if they desire. See Digital Archive of European Architecture for Greek and Roman architectural designs.

Cut poster board to fit the inside of the shoebox for the shelves. Glue in place and. Let dry.

Day 3
•Color the doors using markers. Glue two wooden beads or glass beads on the doors for handles. Attach doors by scoring one inch from the edge of the doors and taping to inside of the shoebox. Present wardrobes to class discussing the design and function.

Evaluation Procedure Students wardrobe should be functional and show neoclassical elements. See assessment matrix.



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