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The Reina Ana Style in Mexico City and the Queen Anne Style in Philadelphia

In the late 18th century, styles of furniture from England became more popular in Spain. The Queen Anne style from England became known as the Reina Ana style in Spain and Mexico. These two chairs, one from Mexico City and one from Philadelphia, reveal how the Queen Anne style was interpreted in each city.


Side Chair Franz Mayer Collection Carved wood with fretwork 1750-1800
Philadelphia Side Chair Bayou Bend Collection 1750 - 1780
Side Chair
Franz Mayer Collection
Philadelphia Side Chair
Bayou Bend Collection

Carved wood with fretwork

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The Seat and Apron

This chair has a rounded seat. In the front, below the seat, the part of the chair called the apron is carved to look like flowing drapery. The bottom edge is elaborately curved and scalloped.

The Seat and Apron

The Philadelphia chair has a rounded seat. Here the apron is a simple piece of wood that does not extend down in front and is straight along the bottom edge.

The Back

The splat of the Mexican chair is flamboyant with many elaborate curving shapes that seem to expand and contract from the seat to the crest. A small area is carved out in the center of the splat. A volute curve adorns the chair's crest.

The Back

The sides of the chair are each an s-curve that rises from a rectangular base. In the center, the splat is carved with open areas that enhance the overall shape. Small curves adorn the splat and frame the shell on the crest, the top of the chair's back.

The Legs

The curving front legs - called cabriole legs - end in ball and claw feet.

The Legs

The cabriole legs and ball and claw feet in the two chairs are very similar.

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