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The Museo Franz Mayer

The Museo Franz Mayer

The Building

The building that houses the Franz Mayer Collection is itself a work of art from the viceregal period. Built in the late sixteenth century to store and supply grains, the structure was originally named Casa del Peso de la Harina.

At the end of the century, Pedro Lopez, the first medical doctor to graduate from the Real y Pontifica Universidad de México, established a hospital to care for the needy, lepers, and single mothers unable to care for their own children. In 1582, he purchased the Casa del peso de la harina and transformed it into a hospice. It was renamed Hospital de Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados.

After Pedro López's death, his son Guiseppe inherited the hospital. In 1604 the viceroy of Montesclaros, with the approval of Jusepe López, gave the building to monks from the order of San Juan de Dios. The building was renamed to Hospital of San Juan de Dios. The monks remodeled and enlarged the building to meet the increased demands for medical care.

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