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Visual Arts Lesson: Spice Container

Creating a frottage of a classic spice container

Relevant TEKS

•Knowledge and skills. Complete TEKS for 6th grade art.

1. Perception: a.
2. Creative expression/performance: a.and c.
3. Historical cultural heritage: b.
4. Response/evaluation: b.

Lesson Objectives

•The student will define and identify classic Greek and Roman motifs on the spice container.

•The studens will create an original design of a spice container using classic Greek and Roman design elements.

•The student will print designs using the frottage method of printing.

Introducing the
Work of Art


Large Image

•Have students study the Spice Container from the collection. Tell what they think the container is and what it was used for. Discuss its shape and parts.

•Explain the term motif. Have students tell what motifs they see on the container. Explain that this piece was made in Mexico, but designed much like a classical piece from ancient Greece and Rome.

•Look at the bench and wardrobe from the neoclassical artworks. identify the Greek and Roman elements found on these artworks. Compare and contrast the classical elements of the spice container with the bench and wardrobe.

•Discuss the process of casting silver and chiseling silver.

Art Activity

One forty-five minute class

poster board
printing paper
silver crayon

•Students will design the shape of their spice container using curvilinear lines for the body.

•Draw one half of the vessel on a fold of paper. Add one handle and one half of the base. Cut and open. Trace design on poster board. Cut this out. Now draw and cut out motifs from leftover pieces of poster board. Glue to spice container. Let dry. Tape poster board model to table. Tape printing paper in place over model. Using the side of a silver crayon, rub over the surface of the printing paper exposing the design on the oster board model.

•Display and discuss finished pieces..

Evaluation Procedure Students should use Greek and Roman motifs on spice container. Students should use curvilinear lines for the spice container..See assessment matrix.

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