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The Art of many Cultures Meet in Mexico: Pear-shaped Bottle

Pear-Shaped Bottle

Porcelain with underglaze blue
27 x 17 cm

This pear-shaped bottle is a Chinese ceramic with blue design on a white body. It shows the influence on ceramics of Persia in the Far East where the pear shaped bottles were first made.


This bottle would have been used to contain liguids for storage. The elongated neck and onion-shaped mouth provided good control when pouring and could be securely capped

Technique or Process

This ceramic piece was turned on a wheel to achieve the symmetrical shape and even walls. It was then fired at a high temperature to provide a watertight container. The piece was then painted with an underglaze of blue and gloss transparent glaze to achieve the finished results..

Cultural Roots - See map

This ceramic piece was created in China. The pear-shaped design with an elongated neck was a popular form and many were made in China over a 50-year period until the mid-seventeenth century. It reflects the influence of Persian art as flasks from Persia were familiar to the Chinese.

Lesson Plans
Visual Arts Lesson: Creating a symmetrical bottle shape with blue wash design
Extension Activities

Math: Classify objects and geometric shapes as symmetrical and asymmetrical, Related term to study radial symmetry.

Language Arts:
As a group write haiku verses about this work of art and individually write verses about student's own wash design to display with the vases.

Social Studies, History: Study trade routes from the orient to Mexico and how they influenced the culture of Mexico.

Social Studies, Geography: Study the globe and map out trade routes.

Collect soil samples in the area to determine if clay is present. Learn what happens to clay when subjected to high temperatures.


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